Volunteer Conduct Code

University Relations, UC Santa Cruz

Diversity and inclusion are hallmarks of the University of California, Santa Cruz and contribute to a dynamic, creative learning and work environment where people from all political, religious, ethnic, and social backgrounds come together in the spirit of academic and intellectual freedom. The effectiveness of the UC Santa Cruz University Relations division depends on collegial interactions among staff, faculty, students, and volunteers. This requires a good deal of care to ensure that our conduct with each other is professional and respectful.

All members of our organization are expected to foster our Principles of Community, which sets forth behavioral standards to promote and protect individuals in our community. All individuals are expected, in their dealings with every other individual at the university, to demonstrate respect for each person’s worth, dignity, and capacity to contribute.

Because inappropriate conduct can arise from a lack of understanding of community norms, we offer general guidelines to our volunteers to clarify the university’s standards and your obligations to meet them.

Professional Conduct

University Relations takes very seriously its obligation to provide a safe and professional environment for everyone.

  • The staff and faculty you work with at UC Santa Cruz are professionals, and your relationship with them should be strictly professional.
  • The students you interact with at UC Santa Cruz are here in pursuit of higher education scholarship, and your relationship with them should be strictly professional.
  • Staff, faculty, and students often socialize with volunteers in the context of program activities. This kind of friendly social interaction should not be interpreted as an invitation or signal of availability for a more personal relationship.
  • As part of the University of California community, University Relations abides by the UC Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence (PDF) and UC Nondiscrimination in Employment Policy.
  • If you are the recipient of sexual advances or behavior that compromise your capacity to make use of the opportunities for engaging within this community, we ask you to please notify the university’s Title IX officer, Isabel Dees at idees@ucsc.edu or (831)459-2462.
  • If you are unsure about reporting to the Title IX officer, or would like to consult with University Relations directly, please contact operations director Sandy Schmidt at sschmidt@ucsc.edu or 831-459-4750.

If each of us makes an honest effort to ensure that we treat others with professional respect and dignity, we will all enjoy the maximum possible benefit from engaging with each other in this capacity.