Government & Community Relations

Welcome to UC Santa Cruz Government and Community Relations

The Office of Government and Community Relations serves as the University's liaison to elected officials, public agencies, and our community. The goal of the office is to develop and maintain relationships, to provide public visibility, awareness, and support for the University's mission and to link campus resources with public policy. This is accomplished through program services to the community, and in partnership with federal, state and local officials.



Melissa Whatley
Executive Director
Tel: (831) 459-3470
Cell: (831) 334-7653

Kieran Kelly
Associate Director
Tel: (831) 459-3938
Cell: (831) 226-4893
Richelle Noroyan
Community Relations Representative
Tel: (831) 459-1768
Cell: (831) 226-4004
Salina Nevarez
Administrative Assistant
Tel: (831) 459-1770