The Good Neighbor Initiative was started to foster positive relations between UCSC and the City of Santa Cruz. Good Neighbor Initiative Interns work diligently with the UCSC University Relations Office to bridge communication between neighbors, students, the city, and the university. Interns provide student interface with neighbors and are glad to field any suggestions, responses, or policy ideas to improve the university's relations. The goal of the Good Neighbor Initiative program is to foster good relations between everyone in the Santa Cruz community!

Some projects that the interns have done in the past include helping create a UCSC Campus Walking Map, holding Housing Workshops for students interested in moving off campus, and creating a "Good Neighbor Guidelines" brochure for students and residents alike to read.


When Santa Cruz residents expressed concern at the amount of improperly discarded items being left on sidewalks when students moved out before the summer break, UC Santa Cruz contacted the City of Santa Cruz and together they created the Move Out program. This program reaches out to students living off campus and offers them free pick-up of non-reusable items by city staff. Students are also encouraged to either donate or sell reusable items to divert them from the landfill. Since implementing the Move Out program, reports from residents about improperly discarded items have gone down significantly.


2020-2021 Student Interns

Kelly Panlaqui


Melissa Whatley, Director of Government and Community Relations
Phone: 831-459-3470