Community Relations

Chancellor Blumenthal at a Santa Cruz Neighbors Block Party

The UC Santa Cruz Community Relations Office works diligently to bridge communication between neighbors, students, the city and county of Santa Cruz, and the university. While UC Santa Cruz strengthens the educational and economic fabric of our region, we are also aware there are challenges created by our presence in the community. To handle these challenges and show our commitment to being a good community member, we have several programs and resources in place to address these challenges.


The Good Neighbor Initiative was started to foster positive relations between Santa Cruz residents, the UC Santa Cruz student body and the city and county of Santa Cruz.  Each year two student interns are appointed to the initiative and our tasked with managing programs and projects that teach students how to live in a socially responsible manner in the community. To meet these goals, Good Neighbor Initiative interns meet regularly with the board of the Santa Cruz Neighbors, visit block parties to hear feedback from residents,  sponsor housing workshops that teach students how to be thoughtful neighbors and host the UC Santa Cruz Arts and Community Festival in downtown Santa Cruz. To reach the Good Neighbor interns with any suggestions or concerns you have, please send email to or call 831-459-1768.


When Santa Cruz residents expressed concern at the amount of improperly discarded items being left on sidewalks when students moved out before the summer break, UC Santa Cruz contacted the City of Santa Cruz and together they created the Move Out program. This program reaches out to students living off campus and offers them free pick-up of non-reusable items by city staff. Students are also encouraged to either donate or sell reusable items to divert them from the landfill. Since implementing the Move Out program, reports from residents about improperly discarded items has gone done significantly.